01 May 2010

My First PNQ

With a little bit of good advice from a few mates, I headed out o Strathpine an hour earlier, and surprise, surprise, PNQ was right on time. PN004 led a string of loaded 3-packs.

There are three different types of 3-packs. RNAY, RNBY and RNCY. The variation is with the platform lengths. The type are:
  1. All 48ft platforms
  2. End 48ft platforms and middle 40ft platform
  3. All 40ft platforms

Below are some photos of the train.

An unusual reefer container. It was about 24-28ft long.

A Toll QRX Seacell container. These QRXB containers have three loading hatches in the roof and a bulk door across the end of the container. Probably carries a food product such as sugar.

An Omega Chemicals container loaded with Sulphuric Acid. Next to it are two QRX side door container, commonly used in fruit and veg transportation.
The Electric Tilt train made an appearance also.

Set 87 might hav e been ex Overhaul, as it was running back and forth and looked quite clean.

Taken a day later at the PNQ terminal, the photo shows the end bogie on a 3-pack wagon.

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