10 May 2010


Some lovely Autumn colour at Mittagong as 4pW4 passes by.

ROSX 228 with slag for Port Kembla. These are former ELX wagons specially modified by NRC for scrap steel.

Fresh RKEF 23 (and 28) loaded with reo bar. THese former RKEX wagons have been upgraded with 70t bogies, removable stancions, a drop in divider housed in the end, and a location for timbers. The reo bar was heading north to Newcastle to Brissy.

RKCX 1105 with a bit of a touch up. This wagon is full of slag also for Port Kembla.

Always a funny sight, RCJY 4282 with a yellow side sill. The do often carry scrap containers in the middle of the wagon when running to and from Brissy.

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