07 May 2010

PN's Scrap up North

Following discussion on Ausrollingstock (Yahoogroup), I thought I would post some photos taken in March 2008, prior to PN owned wagons being scrapped.

Paddock near Gap. A lot of wagons were NGDX, NGUX, NHAF, NOBX.

Also in the paddock was an NGSA with AFL logo.

Another photo of the line up. I recall over 100 wagons were in this field. These wagons are all now gone.

An NQVF (former flexivan flat) at Narrabri. These wagons are now gone.

Just west of Tamworth, a long string of mainly NGOF and NGNF grain hoppers were stored. A few NGDX hoppers were also stored. I'm not sure if these are currently going to scrap.

At the time, NGUX aluminium grain hoppers wewre being chopped at Werris Creek.

At Westdale, one string of NGMAs, NGUXs, and NGOF/NGNFs are stored. To the left of the photo (over the road) was at least tweo more strings of NGMA hoppers. All these are being transferred for scrapping.

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