20 May 2010

Lifting Rail

Came across this massive task being undertaken at Goulburn during the week. ARTC were unloading rail from some NDRF railsets.

8037 had placed the railsets.

5 cranes were required to lift the 110m section simultaneously.

This sot shows the spreader bars. In front are CFCLA CQTY army tank wagons.



  1. Wouldn't side discharge rail flats have been a better option than hiring 5 cranes? Victoria has the CQRX wagons for that role, is there any wagons so fitted up in NSW?

  2. G'day Marcus,

    The CQRX set in VIC does have cranes fitted, and is currently on BG, although it could be converted to SG. Railcorp also have a set of cranes for a NDRF railset, but they normally use the Roble set with the 'Octopus' grabber.

    Generally, the cranes are used for rail recovery, rather than unloading (espacially at the one location), as the cranes can not reach far enough to unload 33-42 rails and stack them suitably.

    You also need top consider the costs of hiring equipment that is not local, as transfer charges can be a very expensive part of the task. I think these rails came from Sydney and were loaded on Railcorp railsets, rather than ARTC railsets.

    Considering the circumstances, I think the crane were probably the best idea.



  3. Exquisite railings and discharge flats railings.

    From: spreader bars

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