08 May 2010

Coal Hopper Comparsion

I thought I might share some comparison photos of the two newest type of coal hoppers being built. The NHEH for Pacific National, and the QHBH for QR National

The NHEH is shown in the top image, and the QHBH is shown in the bottom image. The NHEH wagons are being built by Bradken, both locally in Mittagong and in China. The QHBH hoppers are being built by UGL at Taree and by QR at Redbank. Both are 30t axle load, and have ECP braking.

A comparison of the insides. The QR hopper on the left, and PN hopper on the right.

The QR hoppers are being build with minor external variations, which is an indicator of what workshop they are coming from. The main variation is the databoard. The left hand one is from Redbank and the right hand one is from Taree. The is also a variation in the location of the '120T' stencil on the end covers of each hopper.

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  1. I hope the QHBH hold up. The ones made at Taree, some 2200 of doors holding that coal in, I welded :D