13 May 2010


Another Lunchtime Steelie through Mittagong yesterday.

Second unit NR53, the last remaining Trailerail unit, with the added bonus of logos on the side.

Refurbished and upgraded RKHF 20583, with a very yellow bogie on the other end. Loaded with Reo Bar for the north.

RKEF 33.

RQMF 4309 with jumbo coil containers. This wagon is stencilled (Under Test NSW). The test would no doubt involve the wheelsets, as they are new discs and have yellow end caps on the bearings.

A real classic - ROOX 2265 with Commonwealth Railways signage.

Another red (former) AOOX. This is RKOX 4059.

RKCX 5? with a rather orange tarp.

Classic AN rail carry RKAX 102. I love the massive belly on these!

RCBF 20993 with a semi skeletal deck, which is pretty uncommon

An unidentified RCBF with a semi semi skelatal deck.

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