17 April 2010

More SCT- 3MP9

Always a favourite when I am in Adelaide, is the early morning MP9 arrival and departure. Here are some wagons shots o the inbound train, and some wagons added in Adelaide. All the shots areeither fom Islington station or Kilburn station.

On time, arriving at 0730 into Islington. Locos are SCT002, SCT015 and SCT004. SCT002 would be detached and the rear two would continue to Perth.

Reefer ARFY 2187 with anew Carrier Unit fitted.

Prior to deprture, the Adelaide to Perth portion is added to the train. This portion includes a crew car, plus various wagns shown below.

Crew Car PSDS 2280 "Peterborough Boys" is a former NSW SDS car which was converted by Gemco in perth.

Loaded with timber is PQCY 979. This former victorian VQCY has been modified, with the installation of large bulk heads, gate brackets, and 70t bogies.

Double stacked well wagon PWWY 0024 is loaded with a standard SCT container, and a half height SCT curtain sided container, decorated in the Coca Cola livery.

New 80ft container flat PQIY 0017 is carrying a small concrete pump truck on a Macfeld transiflat. Loads like this are quite unique to the Adelaide Perth corridor.

PQMY 3050 has been loaded in a rather strange way. The 40ft container is fitted onto a truck skel, which is then tied down to the wagon. The reefer was running at the time, so it is most likely loaded with perishable goods. It would think that SCT are simply saving space on the train, as the reefer unit is at the back of the trailer, making it unsuitable to unload if it were to stay on the trainer.
Greater Freighter PBHY 0003 is only one of a few wagons to carry the Greater Freighter lettering in the back stripe. The others that I am aware of are 0001 and 0002. Wagons in the mid number range carry the Big W logos, while the later builds carry no special signage on them.

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