17 April 2010

5NY3 Goulburn

Some lucky timing on Thursday, allowed me to capture 5NY3 pulling into Goulburn station for a crew change.


Upgraded slab wagon RKGF 20934 with bright yellow stanchions.

RKWY 4118 with a load of telegraph poles.

Former RCDX, now RKCX 95, fitted with a new green PN tarp.
RKCX 3 is fitted with a tarp which is a different shade of green.

Jumbo coil convert NCFF 21508 looks rather out of place without a 20ft scrap bin loaded in the middle section.

Close up of RKVY tilt bed bogie and databoard.


  1. Great work on the constant updates, I enjoy viewing them aswell as the history you provide. Any chance you could get some photos of the limestone hoppers in the background of this post? I am modelling them at the moment and I don't have many pictures to use for reference. Thanks Ben.

  2. G'day Ben,

    Thanks for the kind words. I enjoy publishing high quality shots, of interesting wagons.

    I did take some photos of the hoppers in the back ground. They have been stored at Goulburn for quite a few years and are likely never to run again. One has massive side damage and bottom doors missing. Others are missing air brake parts and other components.

    It would be safe to say, those hoppers are not moving anywhere soon. Generally, if you were to go to Moss Vale on any given train, you could see most of the limestone fleet in about 4 hours during the day. There are defective wagons parked in Moss Vale yard also.

    I'll post some photos of the wagons at Goulburn, and some other limeston hoppers later in the week. Any special requests?



  3. Chris,
    Great Site. Truly informative.Congrats & thanks.
    I am with the Indian Railways, here in India.
    Was really curious on the RKVY Tilt Bed wagons, which I saw on your site. Can you help me get some more info on them. (I got some from the nsw website.)
    May be a video of plate loading/ RKVY in train formation with loaded plates.
    Are there some other similar steel wagons for wider plates.
    You could reach me at: directorwagon1@gmail.com.
    Thanks & regards
    Rupesh Kohli.
    Indian Railways.