27 April 2010

Workshop Museum Visit

Went for a visit to the Workshops Museum at Ipswich QLD. I have been a few times before, and recommend it highly to anyone interested in railways. There is also plenty for the kids to do. Below are a few photos from the day.

Tanker OC1, painted in a special BP gold livery. Very nice!

A rather small bogie, with different wheels discs.

1710 set up as a drvier simulator. Wish I had one at home!!

1281 painted in a special livery.

1262 used to display the insides of a locomotive.

Special car 445, built at Ipswich in 1903. I found the number on the side of the carriage quite unique with a mixed font.


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  1. Hi
    can you tell me who manufactures rolling stock in Australia. I have heard of Gemco rail, are there any others?