13 April 2010


After seeing SCT depart Islington around 6pm, I took chase, trying to beat it to North Adelaide for a few shots before the sun went down. Here are the results. The train comprised of

SCT005 (Leading SCT014 and SCT001).

PQFY 4209 Inline Fuel Tanker.

PQIY 0003 80ft container flat with two SCT 40ft reefer containers. The Containers are R001 and R033. R033 arrived in Melbourne, from China, on 4th January 2010.

ABSY 4435? former ABFY van with 70t bogies fitted.

PWWY 0014 well wagon built by Bradken in NSW.

PBGY 0134 built by Gemco. Either this van has seen little use or has been washed as it was rather sparkling.

ARFY 2400 reefer van. This was a former 75ft ROX flat wagon.

ARBY 2682 reefer van. This was a former ABFY with 70t bogies fitted, louvers removed, and a freezer installed in the end section.

QQJY 4273 formed part of the rear portion of the train. Approximately 30 QR container wagons were on the rear of the train, bound for Melbourne.

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