15 May 2012

Johnnie Walker, by rail?

A Brisbane bound service passed through Broadmeadow on 2/5 with some interesting containers. 
(For those interested, I have added a location tag to the post). 

A early PN paint job, NR29 leads class leader NR1. 

 A Johnnie Walker 20ft box marked as CPIU

Another 20ft box marked as SCLU. 

A 40ft Johnnie container with side doors.  This is a Royal Wolf RWTU box.

With no code marking, this boix is marked with a large RAM tapware logo. 

Sadleirs tanktainer 260020 is fitted with the new logo - a lot of these tanks were delivered with the older style logo.  Check out an old logo version here

A QRX stackable flatrack loaded with steel reo bar.


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  1. so the Johnnie container must be black label lol
    only the best