28 May 2012

NY3 11 May 2012

A few wagons of interest on NY3 a few weeks back - including several AOOX variant. 

NR16, no longer with level crossing safety stickers. 

NR87 - still a fine looking 'vanilla'. 

Rail pair RKAF 1.  Note that one platform has the shalow centre sill and the other has the deep centre sill.  One wagon was former RKJX 18 and the other was 45.

 RKTF 3025.  These wagons were designed to carry pipe and had a middle set of doors fitted.

RKWY 2287 with some large telegraph poles. 

RKWY 2514 with smaller telegraph poles. 

RKWY 2557 loaded with steel pipe. 

Another interesting Jumbo - Former AQDW, now RQNW 12 is fitted with original Aligned bogies.


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