20 May 2012

Some El Zorro Classics!

A few classics getting around the Dynon area on 4/5/12

 Former CFCLA owned CHBA 137 - CHeck out the wheels and bearings!!

ZZMA112 with another fancy set of wheels. 

 ZEBX 12.  This wagon once carried the EBAX code when leased to Austrac back in the early 2000s.  Anyone know the origins of this wagon or sister wagon ZEBX 11.
 ZOAF 100 - This was former COBX 7.  The actual ZOAF 100 is painted all black.
ZOBX 123 carrying a V/Line logo in rather good conidition.  This wagon was previously marked as EX 123. 

VMAP 9 apparently under conversion to something else... 

VBBX 147 ready for a similar 'modification'...


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  1. I wonder if the modifications is turning it into container wagons