29 May 2012

Late Running WP2 - 14 May 2012

A late running WP2 gave me the opportunity to snap a wide variety of jumbo coil wagon at Mittagong Junction.  The photos below cover almost all jumbo coil wagons in the PN fleet.

Former NQFF container wagon, NCFF 21620 is fitted with permanent coil cradles.

Still an NQFF, here 21607 is fitted with coil containers. 

A few BDY/NODY variations are still kicking around and here are a few of them: 
RCAF 20330 - Note that this wagon is fitted with 3-piece bogies rather than the standard 2 piece YM type.

RCAF 20539 with the standard YM bogies. 

RCBF 20361 was a former RCQF with three cradles but the middle one wqas removed and replaced with a position for a scrpa steel container.  These wagons are different to the RCAFs as they have 70T bogies.

RCQF 20531 showing the middle cradle stiill fitted.

South Australian RMX, now RCJY 2772 has permanent cradle fitted similar to the NCFF.  These wagons have 70T bogies fitted and are capable of carrying scrap containers in the middle of the deck.

Fresh from overhaul, RCKF 28 - a former RCSF.

Not a jumbo coil wagon but a jumbo in many other ways - RKXF 60213 plate carrier.


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