28 May 2012

Sunny 10th May 2012

A few PN Intermodal/Steellink trains from 10th May. 

A Royal WOlf 48ft Container. 

A relatively new 5-pack RRQY 8404. 

NR27 leading an NY3 service. 

New North Parkes Mine (NPM) ore containers being moved from Newcastle to Parkes.  The wagon is RQGY 34346 which was once painted CRT blue. 

An unidentified ELX in a well covered FA green colour. 

Double NRs on XW4 

NR108.  Note the lube streaks from the hood door hinges.  Not a good look! 

Unusual southern visitor RKCY 20282 - loaded with reo bar.

Sporting side wall repairs, RKWY 4023 is carrying structural steel. 

A load of reo (just like the Auscision model) on wagon RKWY 2561 

 VOFX 235? and VOFX 1059 following.


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