15 May 2012

QRN/ARG Grain in NSW

The QRN grainie is getting around NSW with a combination of AGWF and AHGX wagons.  Below are the three examples, as seen on 5/5/12 at Aylmerton.

Former WA wagon AGWF 21299. 

Former SA wagon AHGX 34162 with a new roof tarp, a repaint on the sides, and of interest, these wagons carry new WA numbering rather than the original AHGX numbering.   

Another AHGX, but this time in 'Manildra' yellow.  These yellow wagons would have been green but they were formerly owned by Manildra Group (before they did a swap) and as such only had the decals removed before going back into service with ARG.  Here is AHGX 34169.



  1. I seek information on the length of the door opening and overall buffer to buffer length of bulk grain wagons loading in Temora, NSW. Any information would be gratefully appreciated as soon as possible on sat 27th April, 2013. Regards.

  2. We now have more information on the type of wagon - CDGY