21 June 2011

Day 1 - Bomen

A few photos from Bomen (just north of Wagga)

 The redundant Caltex sidings.  14 NTAF tankes are stored - future unknown.

The container Terminal, loading a lot of 40ft container with VISY paper.  The wagons being loaded are generally RQEY two-packs and PQZY 80ft jumbos.  This train (3393) had an NR up front. 

 G530 after being damaged a few weeks back.

Bomen is home to a rather large sleeper producing facility.  Some of the wagons are the place were NDHX 14474.

 RDTF 60404

NQHX 22136

Local shunter T371 - Don't think it gets much use these days.


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