23 June 2011

Day 2 - Bendigo

A few shots around Bendigo, including the new POTA Deni Rice Train.3

 B76 and S313 lead the Deni Rice Train out of Bendigo around 9am.

 Part of the consist was 5 ex SA AQPY wagons  - 2873, 4151, 4079, 4076, 2571.  These are cut down AOOX wagons.

 Also on the train are 3 CQOY wagons - again former SA wagons.

Just north of Bendigo station is Mobil bitumen tank ATMX 429, with just a bit of damage to the insulation!

Dating back to the 1920s or 1930s is riveted tank car VTQF 120 (coupled to VTQF 276).   

 Out the back of SSR's Gladstone St workshop is SSR owned VTQF 144 - another tank car about 80 years old.  Observant viewers will note the original TEXACO lettering showing through.

Repainted Dunnoly rollover wagons - a VHGF and VHHF. 


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