19 June 2011

Day 1 - Coota

Here are some photos from Day 1 (15/6) of my trip to Bendigo.  This series of shots was taken at Cootamundra NSW.
 4701/4204, leading an ARTC ballast, with an SSR T and 4716 on the rear.

 NGMA 29290.  There are about a dozen 'blacks' stored at Coota.

 NGVF 36425.  Without checking, this is probably a Graincorp wagon.  Note the XG bogie on the left, and XL bogie on the right!

Once on the BG (and coded ROZX) NOFF 70029 has returned to NSW.  Also in the yard were NOFF 70001, 70025 and I believe NOHF 5201. 

Tomorrow will be some 48 class photos and WP2 Steel train.



  1. I first saw NOFF / ROZX 70029 in Geelong, Victoria in April 2007, it had just been converted. I then saw it again stored at Tottenham Yard in June 2009.

    I assume it was returned to NSW during the PN wagon scrapping program of mid 2010, when the rest of Tottenham Yard was cleaned out.

  2. Interesting how the wagons that never see much use are usually the first to get a repaint into to corportate colours.

    Noted under NOFF 70029 were recently overhauled bogies also.