23 June 2011

NQEX 60186

Seems a second loco frame carrier has been introduced into service.  Noted on todays NY3 PN Steelink train was former Enfield 'prisoner' NQEX 60186.  Similar to the existing frame carrier (RQRX 60207) with the exception of the NQEX having 50t XH type bogies.

This wagon (and the RQRX) are used to transport EDI build frames from Port Augusta to Cardiff.  A current order of GWA locos are being transported.  

Interestingly, a wee bit over 12 months back (11th June) I photoed RQRX 60207 in this exact same spot, although it was taken at 1.30pm, where as this shot was closer to 4.15pm. The shot of RQRX 60207 is also on the Blog - search for RQRX.  

On the side of the wagon is a small sticker which says "Loco Transport Only" - Not really sure what else you could put on the wagon considering it is fitted with two large frames and a massive stillage.



  1. Someone had a model of this wagon , I think plus an underframe on it at Epping.

  2. Matt Joiner had a lovely model of RQRX 60207 with an LDP underframe.

    The model would have been build before this NQEX was back in service!