13 June 2011

Some IPhone Photos

I started reading an article in the latest DIgest about Smart Phone photography, which has prompted me to post these shots from a few weeks back in Newcastle.

NGDX 30679 (with a WHX wheat code) still sporting the R logo in 2011.  I've posted this after reading Blair's excellent article on weathering the WHX hoppers (see AJRM 11)

 A former DOT tank, converted to a vegetable oil NTOF.  Not sure why there are about 5 sitting in the sidings at Carrington.

 WGBY 1085.  Observant viewers/readers will know that only 84 were ordered by AWB and are in service.  This is owned by CIMC (the importer).

A rather different container - Audi A1, with a large fold down side door.  Wonder waht was inside???

Don't forget to post thos interesting shots to Rollingstock Photos.  Nothing like a good Iphone grab shot!


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