22 June 2011

Day 1 - Narrandera

A selection of photos from Narrandera.

 Still a common sight in many NSW rail yards!

Note the new ballast pile on the right hand track.  That line used to go to Tocumwal, and a few months back they had a decent run-away.

Manildra's 7340 - Remote controlled operation. 

 Manildra Mill complex - loading flour into various wagons.

 MHGX 32 - One of the run-away

 MGFH 1731 on the old Toc line.

 NGDX 30678

 NGLF 30686

 NGPF 35984

NGXH 37343 with some extra weight on the roof!



  1. Are those gas axed holes in the MHGX 32? I'm assuming they needed a way to get the grain out to lighten the wagon, before they removed it by crane.

    How is 7340 remote controlled? Using a beltpack system like the GWA's Whyalla operations?

    As for the flour wagons, the first time I saw that train was on a freezing morning in Goulburn, and I thought the spilled flour was ice!

  2. G'day Marcus,

    The access holes look like they have been done where is, obviously to remove all product - don't want rotting product contaminating the area.

    I am pretty sure 7340 is a beltpack system. They guy is standing inside the loading bay - you can see his orange shirt in the photo of the mill complex. He obviously controls the loco as the wagons are loaded. May be a one man operation?

    The spilled flour/flour stains are quite amazing. Fresh, it looks like snow, and after a while it goes festy grey. Considering the variety of wagons on the train, and variety of models released, or being released, you could do quite a good flour train consist - including 7340 from Auscision!