03 June 2011

PS6 - May 27

An Impressive Quin NR lash up on PS6 Last Friday (Interestingly, PS6 today was a Quin NR lash up also)

 Seems former Macfield leased containers to QR are now owned by ANL.

 An FCL flat rack.

 A former FCL (now Linfox) glass container

 RQGY 34346 in what I think is faded CRT blue.

 A flat rack load of timber.

 A former Boxcar/Maybe/Linfox 48ft container now painted Toll green and marked for TSPD.

A recently repainted Sadleirs van.  Note the logo panel is now missing, showing that the van has faded a fair bit since new.

From the original build, RLSY 18629.  Auscision are doing a model of this exact wagon.



  1. hi there,

    any recent photo of PQYY 7007 ?

    could you take some 3/4 of that one if you see it?

    that is nice well set green ex AN.

    also im intrested about some RANDs that have big orange side lettering some kind of symbol?
    could you catch them?


  2. hi ,

    again me Peter,

    the best wagon web site of all from Australia!

    put more you are the best!


  3. G'day Chris, I have been trawling your site and would like to ask your permission to use some of the photos from your site in a presentation I am working on for the Modelling the Railways of NSW Convention and assosciated notes.

    Kind reagrds,

  4. G'day Evan,

    Please email me at cjjones83 AT optusnet.com.au to discuss.