19 March 2010

Action Packed Friday

NR16 With the sun out, I managed to get some shots of PS6, NY3 and BM4. Normally I don;t post loco photos, but I thought most of you would enjoy NR16 (People Power) on BM4 and the triple Stars on PS6. Sorry about the quantity of photos on this post, but I think most are topical.

First for the day - PS6
NR55/NR59/NR39 lead PS6 through Mittagong.
A new Pedemont 20ft container on RRAY 7213.
PRRY 5010 (in FCL colours) carries a load of some sort of sheeting on two 20ft K&S transiflats
RRTY 73V. The RRTY code came about when NRC fitted 'Polar Packs' to various RQTY Seatrain wagons, to enable them to run Reefer containers. Interestingly, some RRDY wagons were also fitted with 'Polar Packs' and also became RRTY wagons, even thought they were externally different and ex AN wagons, where as the RQTY wagons were ex VR. Observant viewers will note the 'Polar Pack' missing from under the thirds container. These have all been removed since PN pulled out of the Reefer market, and the gap left has had a chain strung across it.

The only two in the class, ROSX 214 on the right, and ROSX 228 (main photo). These were rebuilt by NRC quite a few years back, presumably to carry scrap steel. They are former ELX open wagons, and have smooth insides and large panelled outsides. Both are unique as 228 has a lower side.Both were originally painted in light NRC grey.
RZXY 2186 with a load of defective wheel from NSW presumably headed for EDI Port Augusta
RQIW 60312 is loaded with Royal Wolf second hand shipping containers. Over the previous few days, about 50 of these containers have been moved on the NY3 service - all on RQIW wagons.

NR16 was the trailing unit on BM4 today. Nice light for a portrait shot.
Possibly the first yellow RQEY, 1929. Most ran on the Garbage train for a few months and were then transferred to Melbourne. Some have made it back to Intermodal, but others seem to be captive on the Patrick Griffith-Melbourne service.
A deck shot of RQHY 7074 - great inspriation for weathering an Auscision model
A DMS glass container, measuring a whopping 3200mm tall. I is being moved in well wagon RRRY 7005 as it is too high to be moved on a standard container flat which is generally has a 1020mm deck height, or greater. 4050mm is the maximum height on the East Coast.


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