13 March 2010

Wagons for Metro

Some CFCLA wagons of interest.

A freshly repainted CQOY wagon (one of only three left in the CFCLA fleet) sits at SSR's Bendigo workshops, fitted with two newly constructed spoil container bins. All three CQOY wagons are on Broad Gauge.

Ballast hopper CHOY 6021 waits for modifications such as lighting and overhead protection. 60 of these VHMF vintage ballst hoppers still remain in service today (albeit looking very different), with 15 on Narrow Gauge, 15 on Standard Gauge, and two rakes of 15 on the Broad Gauge.



  1. The wagons are now all in Melbourne (?), with CFCLA having done up 15 CHOY hoppers, 11 flat wagons, and what seems to be a cut down ELX that is fitted with genset mounted inside a 20 foot ISO container. I have collected all of the wagon numbers on my site:

  2. G'day Marcus,

    Correct - all wagons are now in Melbourne and due to go out next weekend on a big project.

    You have done well to get all the wagon numbers, although I am sure you will see plenty of these wagons over the next 8 years.

    All the wagons are ex VR except the 3 CQOY wagons which are ex SAR/ANR ROX type wagons.

    CFSX 125 is a former CFSX/GFSX timber sleeper wagon. It is not a former ELX (it is only 12m long, rather than 15m). I'm not sure what the origin is of the CFSX - maybe an old boxcar? Either way, it has been a flat car for at least a decade, and probably two decades or more.

    The ballast rake with the Genset wagon will be a sight to see when it is lit up at night - very nice!

  3. Thanks for those leads, it was easy to get numbers because they are stabled alongside a walking track! Looking at the V/Line addenda, the CFSX used to be VZSX (initial V/Line code)/GFSX (later Great Northern code)

    Numbered in the ranges 2-11, and 100-127; the low numbered wagons have a single 'cage' while the 100 series numbers have one large and one small cage.

    Peter J Vincent says they were built on VLCX underframe:

  4. You are correct about the wagon numbers for the CFSX, although they were actually 1-11 from memory.

    1-11 have been cut up a few years back, as have all the 100-127 series with the exception of 125 (which was going to be cut up, but it was worked out that it could be useful as a genset wagon).

    1-11 were SG wagons, and 100-127 were BG wagons. I think the 100 series had wider cages to carry BG sleepers. CFCF1 (The railset threader wagon) was formerly a timber sleeper spitter wagon which was part of the 100 series sleeper train rake.

    I agree with the history - they look like ex VLCX underframes. Not good for much.