30 March 2010

VHGF Type Hoppers in NSW

A question was asked about yellow VHGF type hoppers running in NSW. Well, here are some photos. Mind you, not all are yellow, but there was also some confusion about the suffix in the code and the ability for them to run in NSW. The top photo was taken in 11/2003, and the bottom three were taken in 01/2003. All were when Freight Australia started running grain in NSW. All photos are at Rozelle (now closed).

VHGF 526, most likely set up as a VHAF with grade control, but not yet restencilled. If the wagon was marked correctly it would be a VHAX to denote that is was suitable for bogie exchange.

VHHF 805 with SG bogies. Again, this should be a VHHX code.

Yellow VHGY (in the 200 series I beleive) with 70t SG bogies. In the V/Line days, the Y would denote high speed 50t bogies, but I believe Freight Australia modified some of these to 70t bogies and made them a Y wagon for the SG. As no 70t BG bogies exist, this wagon would have always operated on the SG once the 70t bogies were fitted. The wagon is now stored out near Ararat in Victoria after being stored in Portland for many years. It is probably now green or blue.

A partial repaint of VHGY 218. This view clearly shows the 70t bogies. No doubt an Ausicison hopper could be modified with 70t bogies from Exactrail to match this prototype photo.


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  1. Just a query mate. So is Rozelle closed in the sense that it is purely abandoned, or do they still route freights through there when necessary?

    I was just wondering for a school assignment if that's alright. Any help would be appreciated.