15 March 2010

Today's Action

Some of today's action at Mittagong. PS7 and XW4

ROKX 2917 still in original paint. Obviously no longer a proper ROKX with the end doors and centre panels now removed.

Some unique 24ft containers, specifically designed for PN 5-packs.

RCSF 69 still in Vline livery.

RLSY 18668P in PN repaint with some graffiti in a rather unusual location.



  1. Hi Chris,

    Excellent work with this I'm enjoying the updates , can you tell me on a consist with RLSY vans I take it they would include Sadliers Vans any idea as to the ratio of vans to flats/5 packs on these trains


  2. Cheers Greg. Thanks for the feedback.
    On the PS and SP container services run by PN, you will get the RLSY type vans. These are always loaded by Sadliers. There are about 50 or so in service from memory. While most are a heavily weathered PTC blue or Indian Red, some are grey, some are PN blue repaints and some are Sadleirs green. As a general rule, you would get 5-8 vans per train, plus a 60ft container flat loaded by Sadleirs. There would also be other Sadleirs containers on the train (as per my previous photo posts). Keep in mind that most of these services are 1500m or 1800m long. The vans used to travel on the front of the train ex Sydeny, but I think they are now in the middle. Coming back from Perth they can appear on the front of middle.
    To model the vans on a 20 wagon HO scale train, a good ratio would be: 1 Green van, 1 blue van, 3 weathered blue/red/grey vans, and about 15 container platforms, or a few 5-packs.

    Hope this helps.



  3. Thanks Chris,
    With Auscision Models forthcoming RLSY Van release this information will assist with prototypical running, for me van traffic has always been an interest particularly the big ones, ABFX /ABFY/VLEX/VLEY/ & of course the RLSY's we see with PN, they have a certain character & announce their coming usually well in advance