09 March 2010

Cargo Sprinter

A question was asked about the Cargo Sprinter, so I have posted two photos

in 2006 both CS units were stored at Junee. The picture above shows the marked details on the side on the unit. Also marked on the bogies were a maximum wheel diameter of 890mm and bogie centres of 2.5m.

VQCY 531 sits at Yennora 6 Road in 2004. Around 5 VQCY wagons were painted for the Cargo sprinter, all of wich were 30ft compatible. At the time, they were owned by Freight Australia. They are now owned by QR National and most likely to be painted light grey.

A few other wagons were painted in CRT blue. National Rail painted several RQGY wagons blue, which were 30ft compatible. CFCLA also painted CQGY 518, 549 and 550 in CRT for a contract that never eventuated. These CQGY wagons never ran with the Cargo Sprinter.


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