20 March 2010

Another Sunny Day

Managed to get a couple of trains today; PW4, PS6, and QR's 2152.

Nothing overly interesting on PS6, but PW4 had some unusual wagons and containers.

RQCX 712. Certainly a relic with the old corner brackets fitted to the deck, and not being fitted with side bearers for high speed running. This is a true Steelink container wagon. Interestingly also is the grey coil container between two orange coil containers. The style of loading on this train was certainly unusual.

An RQTY with no number on the side. Another strange load with a coil container in the middle of two of the newer grey scrap containers. These grey scrap containers normally run north from Port Kembla to Brisbane and back, being placed on RCBF and RCFF jumbo coil wagons. They are pretty uncommon on the south.

One of PN's newest intermodal wagons, RQRY 1133 with a pair of scrap containers. Again, another rare find with a new HMS grey container in the mix of yellow BHP and orange Genstar containers.

We saw worn wheels going yesterday, and here are some new wheels coming. RZXY 2386 with a full load of wheels. Most look like 18R axle boxes, which are used in 2 piece YMC bogies. These wheels could have come from EDI Newport, EDI Port Augusta or Gemco in Perth.

A nice grab after lunch. QR's 2152 with X53 and X54 leading an empty rake of 18 x CFCLA CQMY wagons. The wagons were picked up from Goulburn Yard and will be entering the QR intermodal fleet on the east coast.


  1. Hi Chris, your photos are excellent and will no doubt be a great resource for modelling purposes. Keep them coming.

    You might want to consider maybe another page devoted to locos and maybe CFCLA info?

    Just a thought


  2. G'day Greg,

    Glad you are enjoying the photos. I'm just glad I can share them. With a collection in excess of 40,000, it is about time I showed the world.

    Locos aren't my thing, so I will leave for others to fuss over - too many moving parts!!

    I am looking at doing some specific pages, but not too sure what topic they will cover. I need to watch what I post due to my job in the industry.