18 March 2010


The first of PN's new NHEH 4-pack coal hoppers was poking out of the shed today at Braemar.
The NHEH is the same as the PHYH which is owned by Xstrata Coal. Both the NHEH and PHYH have the same body shape as the original NHYH hoppers, although the NHYH does not have ECP braking equipment.

NHEH 94012 (platform 2 of set 401). Fitted with air brake gear and PN stickers.

The connection betwwen platform 1 and 2. The ECP gear can be seen on the top right of the photo.

The first NHEH built - 94011.

The first two 4-packs are due to go out for testing in April. The build is roughly 300 hoppers, with most being built in China, similar to the PHYH build.


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