22 March 2010

Monday's Steelink Photos

Managed to get XW4 and NP3 today in sun - a bit of a miracle with the clouds that were around. In no particular order are some of the shots from today.

On NP3, RKWY 12 loaded with small steel pipes. This wagon was recoded from the AOOX/GOX number series when it was converted for steel traffic by AN.

An unidentified RKYY tilt bed wagon with sheet steel for Forrestfield. These were refurbished and repainted in full PN colours over the last couple of years.

On XW4, VOFX 426 in Freight Australia green. I haven't seen this wagon before on Steelink services, so can only assume it is fresh from the BG. Note it has a black backed PN logo, unlike ROBX 1073 with a white backed PN logo.

An RKCX with quite an orange tarp. Most are 2/3rds grey, but lately the PN tarps have been a real mixed bag. I haven't seen one with so much orange on it.

RRKY 2712 with scrap containers loaded for Port Kembla. Observant viewers will note the Aligned bogies which are original to this wagon. Not many aligned bogies remain operating on the East Coast.


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