24 March 2010

Blast from the Past - PQWY

Nothing much to report today, so I dug up an old photo taken at Bluebird Adelaide in March 2006. The photo shows PQWY 0053, at the time, one of three well wagons owned by CIMC (0051-0053) and leased to various operators.

The wells came into Australia in 2001 from QRRS China, and were owned by Macfield. These then passed into the ownership of CIMC Australia.

When this photo was taken, all three wagons had just been through the workshops for repaint into this sky blue livery. Previously they were a dark blue with Macfield logos and were leased by ASR, regularly running on the Adelaide to Sydney service.

It is believed that all 3 are now owned by QR, and have been recoded QQWY, with at least 0052 being painted all light grey. The wagons had previously been on lease to QR since 2006.


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