19 June 2010

GC - Kalgoorlie Wagon Photos

Our second GC (guest contributor) is Peter Donaghy, who is now a local Kalgoorlie resident (a Kalgoorlian?). He has done a great job snappy the exotic western wagons, so as time and Blog space permits, I'll post 5 shots at a time. Some photos I might not have much info on, so if you have any data, feel free to post a commet or send me an email.

Repainted AVDP 277. This van is owned and used as a crew car for South Spur, when pulling he ARTC ballast train.

Ore wagon AOPY, former Leigh Creek Coal wagon (AOKF). These were shortened by BRO in 2003.

An AOGF type wagon with ridge pole.

ALGY (One of only two painted in GWA orange I beleive). I recall this one was set up as part of the Nullabor recovery train for ASR/ARG.

A 6 wheeler. AZQF 1966. I beleive this has been used to move locos previously.
Thanks to Pete for these photos.


  1. The 6 wheeler AZQF was used to transfer locos, and it last use was for movements into and out of Loongana and Rawlinna for limestone mining equipment between the plant at Parkeston and the minesites. Dump trucks and other heavy equipment.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Toad.

    Two more should exist - 2406 and 2407, but I am not too sure on the ownership of those two anymore.


  3. ALGY 57T is also in orange, it (or another orange van if they exist) is usually on the Melbourne end of the Adelaide - Inverleigh concrete sleeper trains:

  4. There are two in orange, as well as an orange AHHX? at Dry Creek.

    Nice photos on your site!

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