28 June 2010


So many photos - such little time!

Here are a few wagon shots from PW4 on Saturday. The colourful lash up was a bonus!!

NR109 leading an AN and NR in 'stars'.

7 red NHVF hoppers were returning to Port Kembla from Stirling North after originally being used for ballast duties on the Leigh Creek line. The numbers were 35211, 35239, 35118, 35197, 35277, 35240, 35206. I imagine they will be going back into the PN coal fleet.

RCDX 25 - Not many are remaining with the AN logo.

RKLY 20471 which is not as interesting as the containers. The front container base (RV050)has been refurbished. Both lids have also been refurbished but have different logos applied.

RKMX 357, which is a true former ELX.

An imposter RKMX, 20415 which is a former BDY/NODY. I recall 5 of these existing. They are an RKMX rather than an RLKY due to the 3-piece bogies fitted. One for the keen modellers.

RKVY 7279 in original PN blue.

In original ANR/CR red is RKWY 2141. This is a recent PN convert as all the AN converts were repainted when the doors were removed.

A increasingly rare sight - an ROOX (3000 series) in AN livery with ANR logo boards painted out.

Wheel wagon RZXY 2398 with a load of refurbished wheels,probably from EDI Port Augusta.

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