24 June 2010

GC - Port Kembla Steel Wagons

Another GC (Guest Contributor) set of photos. This set of 6 comes from fellow Highlander Brendan Grace. The shots were taken at Port Kembla last weekend.

Two favourites - The only two ROSX wagons in existance. 214 with full height sides and 228 with a slightly lower side. 228 is on the to do scrath building list.

Two RCIX wagons (14823 with coil and 14816 empty) are from the NCIX group of 45 wagons built in 1974 by Clyde.

The insies of a newer scrap container. I have the sides scracth built for one of these, and will be working on the ends tonight.

Finally, little RCPF 31831 with a newer yellow stripe on the bottom.
Thanks to Gracie for the shots!

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