02 June 2010

Port Kembla Wagons

Here are some PN wagon photos from the Port Kembla region, taken earlier this week.

An NHMH on a BHP coal train. Only two of these wagons were ever built, and it looks like they are now captive on the BHP network.

RKJX 114 loaded with plate for Acacia Ridge.

RCJY 2048 with a scrap container and two Jumbo Coils. Note the fancy yellow 70t bogie to the right of the shot.

RCAF 20330 - Possibly the only RCAF not fitted with YM bogies. This has standard 50t X type bogies.

Pipes are being loaded at the Jetty Sidings, and possibly also the Heggies Siding. It looks like the pipes are coming in by ship. The pipes are then railed to Moree? for a new pipline project. THe wagons are generally RKOX, ROKX, RKWY, and VFCX (ex log wagons).


  1. Do you have any shots of the VFCX wagons? I haven't seen them since they were gauge converted back in mid 2008:

  2. Thebest shots I have are during the gauge conversion in 2008. I have a very gloomy shot with one loaded with pipes which I will post when I find it. I didn't take any at Port Kembla as the lighting was wrong and I would have had to trespass to get the shot. Hopefully I'll get a decent one soon.