02 June 2010

Goulburn Yard

A few odd bods in Goulburn Yard

Ore container on the SOuth SPur train - This one still carries the Heggies logos.

AZZX 0001 - This normally works with the ballast train (which is the North rake) however, they are only using the plough van, so this is parked in the yard. It carries a small builders plate with SP1 on it.

ADSF, formerly NDAF 2423, 2405 and 2403. These were built by EPT as new timber sleeper wagons in 1987. These 3 were converted from concrete sleeper work with ARTC, to carry some short sections of rail to the Domarton area a few weeks ago.


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  1. Hello,
    Does EPT still exist? And are all the NDAF cars still owned by ARTC?