11 June 2010


Some photos of NY3 on Friday.

As usual, up front were 2 5-packs with container for Perth. Here is RRGY 7121. Behind was an RQQY. The RRGY are original RRBY with lengthed middle platforms.

At last - a decent shot of this beast. RQRX 60207 used to move EDI chassis from Port Augusta to Cardiff. No doubt a TT chassis was last on this wagon.

A sight not so common - RKWY 2158 with missing side panels and still in ANR/CR red. Almost all (maybe all) AOOX wagons that had doors removed in the past (by AN) were also painted green. Seeing a red RKWF/RKWY was pretty much no existant until only a few years ag when PN put on a push to convert many ROOX type open wagons to doorless RKWYs with 70t bogies.

I like freshly painted wagons - RKHF 20605 carrying billet or slab.

A before photo - RKEX 31 with 50t bogies.

An after photo - RKEF 28 with 70t bogies.
There were also three stele wagons parked in the down refuge after the middle RKWY needed to be detached with scale build up on the wheels.

RCSF 85 sits as cover vehicle. Note the Barber bogie on the right and Ride Control on the left.

The offending wagon -RKWY 2271.


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  1. Like to see more Photos of RKEX's, But still very good Photos.