19 June 2010

RRCY 8001

Well Alex - I've finally poted some RRCY 8001 photos, and a shot of RKIY 7005 for you also. I'll get some RQWY photos together over the next week.

RRCY 8001 started life as AQWY 8001, being built for FCL in 1996. It was operated and registered by AN, so it had the A prefix. The 'P' Prvate prefix was not yet introduced.

The wagon is slightly different to the AN AQWYs in the 6000 series, and as such, was recoded to RRCY, rather than RQWY when NRC took control of the fleet.

The wagon is painted in FCL brown, with a fawn side sill. FCL lettering is on each platform, and an AN logo is on the end platform diagonally opposite I believe.

I haven't seen this wagon for many years, but last I saw it, it was running dedicated to the SP/PS services, between Perth and Parkes, and was regularly double stacked.

Sitting in Spencer Junction heading east in 2002

In 2001 at Spencer Junction again.

A rare find for me, and the fist time I ever saw this wagon was in 2000 when it came to Cooks River. The AN logo is visible on the panel next to the data board.

A close up of the databoard. It looks like the C was changed at a different date to the RR.

Finally, something different, a quick photo of RKIY 7005, prototype single well for NRC. Also designed for steel (being and RK wagon), it generally runs hgih cube containers betwene Sydney and Brisbane. This photo is in Acacia Ridge around 2001.
All the above photos are scanned prints so the quality may not be great.

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