18 June 2010


MB4 in fading light at Mittagong on 16/6/2010

Triple Stars! Even if they were in original colours, it still would have been impressive as the rear units were 56 and 59.

New K&S flat rack on an ex AN RQCY 470. These wagons are easy to model with the Steam Era or AR kits models.

A Linfox bulk container and a Sadleirs (former Vline) side door RCS container.

A pair of K&S flat racks on all orange RQEY 1941. A few of the RQEys were painted all orange back in NRC days, although most were painted as per 1946 below.

RQEY 1946. One day I might get around to scrtch building this wagon.

An original AN 5-pack - RQJY 8. All 40ft platforms.

RRZY 7023? with a 10'6 Toll box in the front platform.

RRYY 10 with auto boxes.

RRYY 28 withmore Auto boxes.


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