16 June 2010

More Sadleirs Vans

Following on from our guest contributor's photo, here are some photos of RLSY vans on PS6. Total count was 9.

18712 in PTC blue, with some different louvres.

18643 in SRA red with the half lourve design as seen in the first batch of 50 built (18601-18650).

Lime green 18748 with a modern Sadleirs logo and the old NRC logo. The weathering on the roof is quite nice.

18716 in PTC blue

18741 in a rainbow of colours. The end side panel is rathe interesting, as is the primed replacement panels.

18667 in a good lookin SRA red.

18701 with a smaller Sadleirs sign.

More mixed lourves - 18707 in a rust PTC blue.

In what looks to be a grey repaint, 18671 has rebuilt doors - easy to scratch build.

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