02 June 2010

Bluescope Wagons

Some photos of rather wet Bluescope Wagons earlier this week. Taken at Cringila NSW.

PT61 - Flat deck with timber for carrying steel plate.

PT19 fitted with dekc bolsters

JR46 coil wagon, The sid has A6 stencilled on it.

CR56 stored. This wagon has a shunters platform on the end.

CR52 with coil cradles built into the deck.

CR26 with a different deck arrangement. This seemed to be the more common set up on the coil wagons.

Torpedo 25 and 39.


  1. I assume all of these wagons only are for internal use at the steel works? Are the 'torpedo' wagons considered out of gauge load, or do they fit in the double track pictured without any issues?

  2. They are mainly internal use, but have limited access to the Railcorp network so they can move between steel buildings. I am pretty sure the torpedos are restricted to Bluescope tracks only. I'm not aware of any size restrictions when passing other trains.