19 June 2010

CQQY Data Photos

As requested by fellow modeller Simon, here are some CQQY deck photos that will assist with model building. These photos were taken in Goulburn in mid 2009 (and I think it snowed soon after!).

Some CQQY data:
  1. They are former AOOX wagons cut down and skeletalised
  2. They are made from different AOOX batches so have varying brae arrangements
  3. The fleet is 2801-2830. 2822-2827 inclusive are painted Patrick red

Standard portrait photo.

Starting at the B end

On the B end looking towards the A end

Still looking towards the A end

In the middle of the wagon, looking towards the A end. Below on the left is the triple valve and reserviors. The my right is the brake cylinder and slackie.

The A end

The right side, behind the brake cylinder.

The right side, with brake cylinder, slacking and handbrake chain.

The left side, with triple valve ad reservior

The left side, with triple valve ad reserviors

Keep in mind Auscision are doing the AOOX, so it might be a good starting point.


  1. You sir, are a legend! It's a more complex wagon than I thought, but should be a good challenge. :)

  2. I've got a shot of an upside down CQQY here, undergoing repair at the Creek Siding in Melbourne:

  3. At the Creek Terminal they are replacing top centre plates.