17 June 2010


Some more sunny photos - PS6 was following XW4 the other day.

NR52 leading two other NRs.

5-pack RRAY 7244

A Chinese built RRQY 5-pack. These are very hard to get numbers off as they are printed very small on the side sill and also on the centre sill under the containers.

RRYY 11, normally used for car-tainers. A greasy spill on the lead bogie looks like the bogie stabiliser has been busted recently.

RRDY 74 ith a Pedemont removalist container sandwiched by a pair of Toll bulk containers.

RQFY 39 with a Nynas tak and a pipe load from Perth.

One of the best looking Toll SPD 'Reflex' branded containers I have seen in a long time.

What seems to be a new Intermodal Solutions design, this bright green side door 40ft is marked as CLFU 491000. Previous all door 40ft wagons were built for SCF, a competior to Intermodal Solutions.

An interesting load on RQAY 21894. A Western container a load of board, an a BOC gas tanker.

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