17 August 2010

3NY3 with pipes!

Time the trip to the Post Office today to perfection!

3NY3 coming through Mittagong.

NR73 and AN8 lead an empty 5-pack and then some steel wagons.

NR73 passes a 'home' signal approaching Mittagong Station.

RKEX 29 with a shall centre sill.
The unusual RKEX 2 with extra bits build onto the side.

Upgraded RKEX is now RKEF 170, with modified side stanchions and 70t bogies.

RKFX 4 with a new side panel

VFCX 105 and 129 loaded with gas? pipes. Also on the train were VFCX 112, 113 and 97.

Small pipes loaded into RKWY 17.

More grey pipes loaded into ROOX 2932.

RKWY 1979 with a load or larger steel black pipes.



  1. Nice to see the VFCX wagons with the pipe loads - the wagons were put on the SG back in July 2008 and from then they seem to have gone off the radar.

  2. They are pretty much excusively loaded at Port Kembla, and normally run north, so to see them on the South was a rarity for me.