04 August 2010

Moss Vale PW4

On weekends when there is a shutdown between Sydney and Wollongong, Steel train PW4 splits at Moss Vale, with PW4 continuing to Sydney and 2920 forming to run to Port Kembla.

The lead two units detach and prepare to stable next to NR31. The two lead units are planned for 2920 (the rear portion of the train).

NR31 has suffered a radio failure, and as such, ended up pulling the Sydney portion of PW4 into the refuge siding (and was subsequently hauled by an 81 to Sydney).

Original CR red ROKX 2947 (Note it is no longer an open wagon!)

RKWY 4166 with a rather tellow Barber bogie and some new wheels and springs. PN are currently happy not to repaint bogies after overhaul.

RKLY 20457 with a yellow side sill and 2 scrap steel containers

RKHF 2064 loaded with reo bar.

RKEF 13 with reo bar.


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