12 August 2010

Chullora Industrial Branch

After a tip off from RJ, I had a look at the Chullora Industrial Branch between jobs today.

PN have parked 4 wagons on the branch, and a stop block is now placed under Muir Rd bridge (See link below), stopping any rail traffic from heading up the branch to industries which once had rail access.


Former shunters wagon NOFF 70002. This may have been the Enfield based float?

Two NQEX wagons are stored - 60103 and 60119. Both looked to be of the same origin. 60103 was fitted with XG bogies, and the 60119 was fitted with XL bogies from memory.
The stop block can be seenatht efar left of the photo above.

Also in the rake is ex Victorian RQCX 878.

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