11 August 2010

PS6 Containers

It's been so long that I can't recall if this was PS6 or PS7. Either way, it was from Perth.

The lead locos were not worth snapping, so we will start at the first wagon:

Inline fuel tanker on wagon RQHY 7055

RLSY 18648 from the original KLY van build.

A very red RLSY 18706 with a single blue panel

Two older Sadleir RCS containers.

Royal Wolf reefer RWFU 000001-7

PNXE 4567 which has a solid end and doors so the container can be unloaded via the side or end.

PNXC 4491 with Bluestar logos

More 24ft container on a RRQY 5-pack. These are 4601 and 4604. I beleive there are only 6 or so in service.


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