07 August 2010

Coote Ore Train

Taken a few weeks back, the interesting combo of C/C/442/442 ran on the Coote ore train 2841 from Goulburn to Parkes. The train normally loads at Goonumbla and runs to Port Kembla. Lately the motive power has been a single C class, however this is all about to change!

Having Just departed Goulburn, the train comes through Yarra.

The impressive combo is passing through the Cullerin Ranges.

The last shot of the day fro me was taken as the train rounded Coolalie.

A few wagon shots from the day. The containers are ore concentrate container. They were originally orange with Heggies logos, however as they are refurbished, they are being painted green.

CFCLA lease CQKY wagon

Greentrains SQNY

Greentrains SQLY

Greentrains SQKF

A few other interesting things were sighted during the chase:

A hi-Rail excavator at Coolalie doing track repairs.

A hi-rail ARTC 4WD doing track inspection at Yarra.

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