14 August 2010

More Melbourne Photos

A few photos from around Melbourne, mainly Dynon.

Two El Zorro owned wagons - ZQLX. These are fromer Austrac EQAX wagons, which were former BHP PT late steel wagons. Note one has National bogies and the ohter has Ride controls.

In the middle of the photo is a BG RLKX. Interestlingly it is fitted with DMC jumbo coil container cradles. I haven't seen these used on the BG previously. It looked like an entire consist was made of these. I can only asume they are moving jumbo coil to or from Western Port. Anyone with any more details??

Two G class, probably from the Griffith service.

A V/Line leased CHOY. This rake is fitted with remnote control equipment.

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  1. Back in October 2005 I snapped the up Long Island steel train with empty jumbo coil cradles - mostly 60 foot wagons (VQLX and VQCX type) with two cradles fitted, at the ends. You can just see them in this shot:

    I don't see the train often enough to comment if it is a regular working, but I have never seen the wagons at the steel terminal on BG. Possibly it is only done for special orders?